Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Third Time is the Charm?

This takes some work.

How can anyone manage to get pulled over for speeding three times in a row in ONE HOUR?!!

She gets pulled over twice for going over 100 miles an hour...and is given TICKETS! I suspect that if this was a male, he would have been in jail for the first offense. Supposedly, doing over 90 MPH is an automatic arrest and impounding of your vehicle.

By the third incident, the car was finally impounded and she was finally arrested and taken to jail.

I have driven HWY 70 in the area where she was cited, it is NOT a road for doing over 100 MPH. Even in a sports car (she was in an SUV), this road is not designed for that.

Her "reasoning" for the speeding leaves much to be desired.

“I’ve never driven 100 mph, so I didn’t know my car could even go 100 mph, but I wasn’t worried about that. I was worried about my mom,” she said.

As a final note on this incident, why did the police allow this to go to three incidents? What would have been the public response had she killed someone after the first ticket?

But she got away with it twice. I guess the third time was too much for the blue knights to overlook.

I wonder if being female had anything to do with it?

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