Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Book Review

Book Review: Of Thee I Zing, by Laura Ingraham (Hardcover on Amazon)

I had never read Laura Ingraham before and had never listened to her radio show either. As such, I came into this book with no opinion one way or another about this book or the author. I did not take long for me to gain opinions for both as well as the topics she focuses on.

This book is a very fast read. The average reader should clear through this in less then two hours (305 pages). The print is large and the topics are short and sweet. Most of the topics she zeros in on are less then three pages and often less then one.

Ingraham hits everything with a very sharp eye and an even sharper tongue. Aging hippies, muffin tops, feel good Churchianity, schools, lack of manners - all are targets. It was a fun read initially, but then I grew restless as I continued through the middle part of the book. I already know there is something wrong in our society, but where were the solutions or even the causes of our societal decline? This book turned into one big, long rant about the symptoms of our decline with no solutions in sight. As I slogged through the last 100 pages or so, I got to the point of just trying to finish the darn thing without jumping out of a window. This went from a fun read to 'raising awareness,' a singularly useless thing to do.

Laura Ingraham has a very sharp tongue. She can cut a topic to the bone in a single sentence. This is probably why she is a single mother and has been engaged twice (not married either time.) No man will tolerate this no matter how attractive she is. Learning this diminished her and her efforts in my eyes. I will not be purchasing or reading any of her other books.

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